NOTE: Cub Scouts is a program for boys between first and fifth grade. If you are looking for a program for boys ages 11 to 17 please check out
Boy Scout Troop 601 at

For over 80 years, Cub Scouts have been having the time of their lives making new friends and learning new things in an environment designed to help them succeed. From building his own pinewood derby® car to learning how to roast the perfect marshmallow with his best friends at a family camp out, your child will LOVE being a Cub Scout. So if he’s in the first through fifth grades, or 7 to 10 years old, then it’s time for him to have some fun … with the Cub Scouts.

Pack 601 is dedicated to providing Delaware youth in the Newark and Bear area with the finest program to encourage strong values, hard work and leadership in a fun and exciting atmosphere. If you would like to join our pack we encourage you to come out to one of our meetings at Salem United Methodist Church each Tuesday night at 6:30 p.m. or fill out the from on the join our pack page.

For new scout families, there are always a lot of questions about how this ‘scouting thing’ works. Most people think of scouts and they think of hiking and camping, but that’s just a small part of what scouting is all about. The cub scout promise “Do Your Best” most accurately summarizes the essence of what we do- work with the boys so that they put forth their very best no matter what they are doing. In Cub Scouts, your son will have lots of fun, learn many new things, and develop lifelong friendships. But Cub Scouts is so much more than that. It is fun with a purpose! Everything he does in Cub Scouts – making crafts, participating in ceremonies, playing games and sports, earning awards, going camping, learning new skills – will be done with a purpose in mind.

Some of the activities the scouts are involved in, from first grade (“Tiger” Den) to fifth grade (“Webelos”):

  • Recycling/Conservation
  • Good eating and hygiene habits
  • Exercise and physical fitness
  • Responsibilities to family and community
  • Service, doing ‘good deeds’



Q: HOW OLD DOES MY SON HAVE TO BE TO JOIN SCOUTING? A: Our youngest scouts are in First grade (Tiger Den).

Q: WHEN CAN WE JOIN SCOUTING? A: You can join scouting anytime (although during the summer we don’t meet regularly). We recommend that you stop by one of our meetings and talk to a leader who can answer questions while your son participates in a normal Den meeting.

Q: HOW OFTEN DO CUB SCOUTS GO CAMPING? A: Camping is only a small part of what we do every year! From games to learning things they’d never learn in a classroom or at home, scouting includes many events both at the church and away that makes the program incredibly rewarding. We typically camp out 1-2 times per year.

Q: HOW OFTEN DO CUB SCOUTS MEET? A: Scouting is a 12 month program: we meet regularly from September until June. Den meetings are held once a week and Pack meetings are held once a month. During the summer months, we have some special events (usually twice a month).